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College campuses are notorious for being epicenters of bicycle theft. As university students, our team are at the heart of the problem. Current solutions include, bike registration, a makeshift tracking device or a highly unaffordable and difficult-to-attain tracking system, none of which are tailored towards students. That is why we developed SafeCycle. 

Our mission is to create a community to combat bicycle theft by uniting the students with the University as well as the campus law enforcement through an app and system of servers. 

SafeCycle provides a University-centralized bike security system that unites the students on campus with the campus law enforcement and the transportation department. Our target customers are colleges that promote on-campus bicycling. These campuses would then sell the product directly to their students. As SafeCycle teams up with the University’s Police Department, it offers online services via cell phones allowing students to connect to law enforcement with ease. 



About Us

Make campuses safer


 Our technology works to better connect campus security and transportation departments to  students 

Never lose your bike again


 Remove the hassle of locating your missing bike with our personalized GPS tracker 

Connect with your phone


 Easily access the location of your bike through the convenience of a mobile app 

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